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I was looking for hosting and I have seen your amazing discounts on your website. To begin with your pricing even without the discount is the best around so far considering the support you provide as well. Sir Mar has got to be the best support representative. Well he gave me a small discount and originally I wanted to do month to month but with such a big saving I fell in love with the yearly savings. Thanks so much Extrematics Hosting and I hope Sir Mar is rewarded majorly by this he deserves it.
Hey guys, I just wanted to send you a line saying how great it's been being a customer of yours for going on 4 years now. Excellent service and the free upgrades are amazing! Keep up the great work, and know that it is very much appreciated!
It is ALWAYS a joy to work with such a professional. Thank you and the EXTREMATICS staff for your above and beyond efforts in making the wedding a success. I hope we get to do it again very soon."


Services Offered

Online Solutions

Website development, website and domain hosting, website maintenance.

Systems Development & Maintenance

Has in its member technical experts for the development and maintenance of various application system in client-server, LAN/WAN and PC stand-alone installation.

Systems Integration

Systems Integration involves putting together different hardware and software in order to provide workable expert solutions that meet the client’s requirements. EXTREMATICS provides the management and supervision in the installation…

Technical, Network and Data Communication Support

The technical support group of EXTREMATICS provides systems programming, fine-tuning, database administration, data communication operations and trouble shooting for the computer machine, LAN/WAN.