FAQs - Sales

Why are your prices so low?
Domain registration and web hosting prices have dramatically gone down during the last six years. We are simply keeping our prices competitive for the benefit of our customers. Rest assured low price does not equate to inferior hardware nor poor service.

Do you issue official receipts?
Yes. Please contact the Billing Department.

How long has been Extrematics in the business?
Extrematics has been operating since 1998.

Can I upgrade my hosting plan at any point in time?
Yes. We will credit the remaining unused portion to the upgraded web hosting plan.

What are the payment methods?
PayPal: Visa, MasterCard, and American Express
Bank Deposit: Land Bank of the Philippines and Banco de Oro
Pay cash/check in our office.

Is the credit card payment method secure?
Yes, PayPal is the largest and safest credit card payment processing company in the internet. Please go to paypal.com for more information about their security standards and practices.

Do you accept Purchase Orders?
Yes. Please contact sales to coordinate.

Do you allow adult content?
No. Please note we do not tolerate pornography and copyright abuse.

FAQs - Domain Names

What are Domain Names?
Domain names are used to locate websites and/or email in the internet. It is your unique address online.

What's the difference between .com, .net, or .org?
Generally, .com and .net are for commercial companies while .org are for non-profit organizations.

What are .ph domains?
Basically, .ph domains are for companies or organizations located in the Philippines. If the .com or .net domain you want is already taken, it is probably available with a .ph extension. Having a .ph domain readily shows your audience that you are an entity from the Philippines.

Why are .ph domains more expensive?
The .ph domains are priced just like most country-level domain names. Rather, it is the .com which has priced itself too cheaply. Remember, .ph domains are more prestigeous because it represents our country to the world.

Do I get full ownership of the domain?
Yes. You will be given complete control and access through our Domain Manager.


FAQs - Web Hosting

Do I need Web Hosting?
A Domain Name without Web Hosting is like a business name without an office space. You need a web hosting account for your domain name to upload your website and to receive emails.

Why are there 3 kinds of web hosting plans?
Our customers have different web hosting needs. Personal Hosting is mainly for individuals; Business Hosting is for small businesses; and Unlimited Hosting is for government agencies, schools and corporations.

What is Disk Space?
It is the allocated room you will be occupying our server.

What is Monthly Transfer/Bandwidth?
It is the amount of data moving in and out of our server due to your website. The number of visitors in your website and email usage will determine your bandwidth consumption.

What are Sub-Domains?
Sub-Domains are domain name extension placed at the beginning of the domain name. For example, newsite.mydomain.com is a sub-domain of mydomain.com and 'newsite' being the sub-domain extension. You are allowed to create unlimited sub-domains in our web hosting as long as you do not exceed your plan's disk space allocation.

What are Email Accounts?
It is the email address associated with your web hosting account. You are allowed to create 5 email accounts for Personal Plan and unlimited email accounts for packages other than Personal Plan as long as you do not exceed your plan's disk space allocation and/or bandwidth.

What is a mySQL Database?
mySQL is an open-source database. It is used to store information or serve dynamic data for your website. You are allowed to create unlimited number of mysql databases in all of our web hosting packages as long as you do not exceed your plan's disk space allocation.

What happens if I exceed my disk space allocation?
We will request you to upgrade your hosting plan and credit your account with the remaining unused portion. Or, you may simply delete unnecessary files to lower disk space usage.

What happens if I exceed my bandwidth limits?
Your hosting account will be suspended whenever the bandwidth limit is reached. It will be unsuspended on the first day of the next month. We highly recommend upgrading your hosting plan to provide ample bandwidth allocation for your website.

What is CGI-BIN/Perl/PHP/SSI/Python?
These are programming languages available in our web hosting service and a requirement for creating dynamic websites.

What is CPanel?
CPanel is a popular web-based control panel used to administer and/or manage your web site. All the facets in controlling your web site are available in CPanel like file management, logs, databases, email and so on.

What is Web Mail Access?
It is the ability to check email using your web browser.

What is FTP Access?
It is the ability to upload files to your web hosting account using the FTP protocol. Using FTP is faster uploading compared to CPanel's file manager.


FAQs - Web Design

Do you offer web design services?



Please visit http://extrematics.com/client/knowledgebase.php for more FAQs.


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